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Twisted Sister

Alex Six by Vince Taplin

“Some people describe a heavy silence as loud, which is bullocks because real silence is so quiet you can hear your heartbeat in your eardrums.”

January 31, 2021

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

As I have mentioned to you in my previous letters, we are STILL in the middle of global pandemic (sorry to keep bringing this up). As you know my friend, my attention span has been on the fritz lately.  However, instead of letting my reading life take a hit, I have upped my thriller game this month.  These days I am REALLY enjoying fast paced books that I can simply just read, enjoy and not overthink.  Alex Six by Vince Taplin was the perfect evening treat for me.  This sexy psychological thriller chilled and excited me in all the right ways.  I devoured this book in under 24 hours and my guess is…you will too.  Let’s take a peek.

“She slumped back in her chair, holding her neck with a goofy, surprised expression.  You should have known I’d bark back, bitch.  Her eyes turned off, leaving her with a final, dim, expressionless gaze.  She looked pretty.” 

Alexa (Alex) lost her husband before they had a chance to have children.  Now that her equally wealthy and powerful husband is gone, she is longing for a baby.  In comes Victor.  Victor is happily married with a young child, a rental property manager and basically…your average Joe.  Somehow, Alex lays eyes on Victor and discovers that he is a spitting image of her late husband.  Can you say Doppelganger?   Alex approaches him and offers a large sum of money to be her sperm donor.  She may have lost her husband, but she could still have a child that resembles him (ummmm, creepy).  Victor struggles with his decision, but in the end decides that this is quick cash that he could really use.   Because there will be no physical interaction with Alex, telling his wife doesn’t seem necessary, especially since she is struggling with her mental health after the birth of their child.  Well let me just tell you this…things do not go smoothly for Alex.  As she continues to up the ante for Victor, she becomes obsessive over the situation, and in all honesty…quite horrifying .  With Victor’s wife continuing to deteriorate and the exchange between him and Alex increasing in intensity, things start to spiral.  And that my friend is where I must leave you.  I would hate to spoil your own reading experience.

I am happy to share that if you are in the market for a fast psychological thriller…look no further.  Alex Six was absolute BANANAS and I loved every minute of it.   A powerful woman and a man with questionable morals always makes for a good tale.  But Taplin does better than that.  He manages to add in a psychotic stalker, a few cringe worthy scenes and a whole lot of crazy to keep the pages turning faster than lightning. The slightly unpolished sarcasm and dialogue was literally the cherry on top!  Cheers to an entertaining book that kept me reading nonstop until the very end.  I may never look at a bottle of vanilla extract the same ever again, but I will definitely be grabbing Taplin’s next book!

Until next time my dear friend!

Your Biggest Fan,


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P.P.S.  Check out Vince Taplin RIGHT HERE!!!

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