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Take Me Out To My Kitchen

Peace, Love, and Pasta:  Simple and Elegant Recipes From a Chef’s Home Kitchen by Scott Conant (Abrams Books) Rosemary Lentils page 154

November 2, 2021

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

I am back again talking about my love of cooking and COOKBOOKS!  I firmly believe that one can NEVER have too many of them in their kitchen.  Because of this, I am sharing yet again, another culinary gem to add to your shelf.  Peace, Love, and Pasta:  Simple and Elegant Recipes From a Chef’s Home Kitchen by Scott Conant has everything you need to make a simple and elegant breakfast, lunch, dinner, or sweet treat.  Let’s take a look at this delicious creation. 

What I love about Conant’s new cookbook is that it covers everything I love and need in my cooking life. Don’t let the title fool you though.  When I first saw the cover of this book I assumed it would be overflowing with only pasta recipes.   I was pleasantly surprised when I open the gorgeous cover and read through the table of contents.  Yes, pasta was definitely on the menu, but so were soups, salads, legumes, veggies, breakfast, and then some.  Conant’s recipes have an incredible Italian flair and he even gives a nod to his in-laws with a chapter on Turkish cooking.  

“What wasn’t foreign to me-and where I immediately felt at home-was the table.  Whether sitting down for a Turkish breakfast with her family or walking through towns like Ortakent, getting fresh seafood from the kiosks, and eating it on the beach together, the connection between food and family resonated with me, and ultimately inspired me, after years of trying to make a statement in Italian cooking, to try to learn a new language, so to speak.”

Each section of his book is composed of simple recipes using fresh ingredients with stunning photos of the finished product.  Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Pasta Pomodoro, Braised Short Ribs, and Chocolate Souffle are just a few of my favorites.  Another stand out for me was the Rosemary Lentils, which came together lickety-split. Lentils, olive oil, shallots, garlic, red pepper flakes, San Marzanos pureed tomatoes and fresh rosemary (that’s still growing in my Maine garden) are all you need to make the ultimate comfort dish.  I found these lentils had a similar consistency to a bolognese sauce.  They were great over a salad for lunch and with pasta for supper.  Whatever you do, do not forget the crusty bread.  It is an absolute must.  

Peace, Love, and Pasta:  Simple and Elegant Recipes From a Chef’s Home Kitchen is what I call a one-stop-shopping cookbook.  This is the type of book that I like to pack when going on a vacation where I know we will be doing a ton of cooking because it truly has everything.  It is a new staple on my bookshelf that I keep turning to in time of need…which is always in my house. With that said, the holidays are right around the corner.  If you are looking for something yummy to gift a friend or loved one…here you go! Enjoy!

Bon Apetit my friend!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  Becoming a chef was Conant’s backup plan.  After his baseball career didn’t go as expected, Conant looked into becoming a plumber, chef, or hairdresser.  I am so psyched he went with option two.  However, I wonder how he would do with my hair😂.

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