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You are here, and I am not even the slightest bit mad about it. I am not one to wish a week away or time in general, but this week was a DOOZY! I traveled for a wedding this past glorious weekend. Even though I felt refreshed from the alone time spent with my hubby away from the kids, I started the week with a significant sleep deficit. Throw in a sick kiddo home ALL week and a few abandoned (and much-needed) routines, and my week was a bit off-centered. Instead of focusing on the things that frazzled me, I am cherishing the beautiful things that kept me grounded and put a smile on my face (AKA…spending more time with my youngest). And in case it slipped your mind, FALL BACK this weekend and set the clocks back one hour. The plus side to daylight savings is that we gain one magnificent hour of much-needed sleep. This dark and cold season is the perfect excuse to cuddle up by the fire, sip something warm, and get lost in a cozy tale.

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DEAR FRIDAY~10/14/22

October 14, 2022 Dear Friday! You are here again, and I am not mad about it. Monday holidays always throw me off and completely mess with my head. I basically had no clue what the date was or what day it was ALL WEEK. It all worked out because I

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Mother of Dragons

Katherine Wintsch is here to share that you can be a thriving mom and eat your cake too. Young mothers and seasoned mothers alike will find nuggets of wisdom from Wintsch’s book, Slay Like a Mother, that will carry them through this crazy mom journey with some much needed peace and understanding.

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Untamed and Fierce, Free, Fire Beauty Shot

Girls…Run The World

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

I am coming at you today Mr. H. with a whole lot of girl power. I hope all your “masculinity” can handle it 😂. I am talking about the fabulous Glennon Doyle and Jen Hatmaker!  These two motivational ladies are the “QUEENS” of self love and all things good in the world. They know how to navigate the murky waters of religion and sexual identity. With empathy, they champion those who struggle.

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Don't overthink it beauty shot

💐Buy Yourself The Flowers 💐

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Decisions, decisions, decisions. That is all I seem to make these days. I know I am fortunate to have options, but why does deciding on what to make for dinner each night feel like it will literally put me over the edge? Crazy, right? I remember reading in Psychology Today that the average person makes somewhere around 35,000 decisions each day 😯😯. That is absolutely nuts!

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Discussion Read Graphic for Book You're Not Listening

Discussion Read~Instagram

Dear Book Lovers,

LISTEN UP!!!!! I want to invite you over to my Instagram page to join in on what is going to be a wonderful discussion. On February 6th, my book-loving friend from Colorado (Sue) and I are Co-Hosting a discussion read over on Instagram. The book we will be conversing about is Kate Murphy’s book, You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why It Matters.

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