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Stranger in the Lake by Kimberly Belle (Park Row Books)

May 26, 2020

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Who doesn’t love a warm summer day at the lake? Swimming, fishing, and boating on these glassy waters make for the perfect afternoon. I know you have spent your fair share of time on a lake. Your honeymoon with Hadley on Lake Walloon in Michigan (sorry the weather was crappy for you guys), and let’s not forget your 10 days on Lake Maggiore in Italy while on medical leave during the first World War. Let me ask you this though…did you ever see a dead woman floating in one of those lakes while you were relaxing onshore or boating around?  Well, in Kimberly Belle’s latest book, Stranger in the Lake, there is more than one dead woman floating around Lake Crosby, NC.  Sometimes a beautiful lake is nothing more than a bottomless body of murky water where secrets lie buried.  Let’s dive in!

Charlotte and Paul are newly married and live in his gorgeous NC lakeside house.  Charlotte was born and raised in a trailer park, while Paul lived a charmed life.  Their small lakeside town loves to gossip about their relationship…Paul’s wealth and Charlotte’s lack thereof.  One evening, Charlotte walked down to their dock to get something off the boat.  She peers over the side of the boat and discovers a dead woman floating in the water face down. Terrified, she quickly calls the police and her husband.  Coincidentally, Paul’s late wife was found dead and floating in the exact same spot years ago. When the police questioned Paul whether he knew the deceased, he lied and told them he had never seen her before.  Charlotte becomes suspicious considering she spotted her husband talking to this strange woman in town the previous day.  Charlotte even went as far as introducing herself as Paul’s wife before they parted ways.  Why did Paul lie to the police and have Charlotte lie as well?  What is he trying to hide? As Charlotte tries to piece together the evidence of the dead women found in front of their house, she grapples with the authenticity of her relationship with her husband. As the past begins to surface, everyone becomes a suspect.

Small town drama and a slow burn murder mystery is what’s on tap in Kimberly Belle’s latest creation.  Icy cold lake water, a blanket of fog and a mansion set on a hill make this story an atmospheric treat.  In a town where everyone knows everyone, secrets are abundant and lying is a way of life.  Belle’s latest book grabs you from page one and keeps you reading until the very end.  With twists and turns along the way and a surprise ending, this gripping tale is the perfect escape.  Enjoy your time on the lake!

Happy Reading and Happy Swimming!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S. Stranger in the Lake comes out June 9, 2020. Click on the book pic below to pre-order from your local Indie Book Store.

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