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I’ll Drink To That

The Regency Book of Drinks: Quaffs, Quips, Tipples & Tales From Grosvenor Square by Lady Thornwood…aka Amy Finley (Abrams Books)

January 25, 2022

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

I absolutely love reading about the Regency era in England. It was a time when securing a good-fit marriage was a full-time job, and waggish conversation and gossip were all the rage. Throw in a sprinkle of niceties and fashion galore and the Regency era basically shimmered with delight. But if there is one star of this luscious time period it was the lovely libations that were passed around the seductive soirees.  The Regency Book of Drinks: Quaffs, Quips, Tipples & Tales From Grosvenor Square by Lady Thornwood is dazzling with delicious cocktails for you to enjoy minus wearing the “short corsets”.  Let’s take a look.

Lady Thornwood graciously shares with her readers how to be the utmost 1815 bartender in the 21st century.  Any good bar starts with the finest liquor, especially a Regency Bar. Do not even think about a one-size-fits-all mentality when serving your beverages.  There is glassware specific to every beverage including goblets, flutes, coupes, punch cups, and then some. Presentation is everything and how you bestow your thirst-quenchers is just as important as what these concoctions are composed of.  Different quaffs for different moods is the name of the game in this book. Drinks named Domestic Bliss, Glittering Enigma, Accomplished Swoon, and Brazen Matchmaker is what’s on tap so bring on the title-tattle, and let’s get ready to drink the night away!

The Regency Book of Drinks: Quaffs, Quips, Tipples & Tales From Grosvenor Square is filled with over 75 scrumptious cocktails from the super chic Regency era.  Recipes are simple and easy to prepare from the comfort of your 2022 home. Each mixture is accompanied by some early nineteenth-century chit-chat that truly brings to life this flavorsome time period. Wit, class, and a whole lot of fabulousness fill the pages of this gorgeous book.  Be sure to treat yourself to this gem before season two of Bridgerton comes out this March. You are worth it!


Your Biggest Fan,


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