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dear mr. hemingway’s 2020 holiday books & pairings 

Let’s All Conspire While We Cook Over The Fire

A dutch oven over an open fire

Gordon Ramsay Quick and Delicious by Gordon Ramsay (Grand Central Publishing)

Can you say quick and easy?  That is my love language for weeknight cooking.  Something I can whip together in 30 minutes without compromising ingredients or taste is what I am always in the market for.  Thank you Gordon Ramsay once again.  My kids are obsessed with this man, and quite frankly, so am I.  Mustard and herb meatballs with balsamic glaze and parmesan cheese and maybe some miso glazed cod! Yummmmmm!  Throw in some tiramisu pots for the tastiest ending to your day.  

P.S.  If you don’t have time to make one of Gordon’s desserts, have a chocolatey treat from Ragged Coast Chocolates.  This gift pairing would definitely make me very happy.


Living Lively: 80 Plant-Based Recipes To Activate Your Power And Feed Your Potential by Haile Thomas
(William Morrow Cookbooks)

Who is in search of a health and wellness reboot????  Here is the perfect indulgence.  Thomas’ book is divided into two parts.  Part 1 covers all your health and wellness needs, relationships in your life, and battling the internet and self-image. Part 2 is where you will find all the delicious plant-based recipes to add a little goodness to your body and your life.  Fluffy gluten-free flatbreads, straight fire mac and cheese, and some knockout nighttime cookies will settle any hunger pains without all the guilt!  Enjoy!

P.S. Mark your next recipe off with a bookmark from Alicia Marks It.  You will never lose your place again. 

Pie For Everyone by Petra Paredez (Abrams Books)

Pie, pie, and more pie.  That is what this book is all about. Perfect for the holiday season and for any season if you ask me.  We are a pie family, that is for sure.  Three out of five of us request birthday pie instead of cake each year.  My husband’s favorite is lemon meringue, my middle son adores cherry and my youngest son loves apple.  Don’t even get me started with my own love affair with pumpkin pie around the holidays.  Paredez has got you covered in the pie department.  Enjoy this sweet treat.

P.S. Lucy is in the pie with diamonds in this pairing.  Check out The Book Club Cookbook pumpkin pie spice. Need I say more.

Dear Mr. Hemingway’s 2020 Holiday Books & Pairings

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