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Indie Authors

My Sweet Tequila Sunrise

I am sharing the most charming book to set the tone for a feel good, make you feel giddy with love Valentine’s Day weekend. Melissa Grace’s magical debut novel, Home is Where You Are encompasses all things fabulous. The Nashville music scene, a bakery (oh how I love a story with a bakery in it) and a couple to root for will have you smiling from ear to ear this Valentine’s Day. Even better, if you have the KINDLE app or an actual KINDLE, you can download this beauty immediately for less than the cost of a latte! Can you say WIN? Let’s take a peek at your next read!

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Twisted Sister

Alex Six by Vince Taplin was the perfect evening treat for me. This sexy psychological thriller chilled and excited me in all the right ways. I devoured this book in under 24 hours and my guess is…you will too.

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Savage Row by Britney King

The Jury Has Spoken

Today my friends, I have a book that will make it impossible to fall asleep after just a few pages. This book has built in momentum, pages that practically turn themselves and a riveting storyline with an ending to please. Britney King’s latest psychological thriller, Savage Row, is out now! It’s time for your bedtime story!

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The Book Doctor Beauty Shot

Buzz Go The Murder Hornets

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

As much as I love your writing and getting lost in your words, I sometimes crave a thrill that you simply can’t deliver (no offense). The breathless feeling from dangling off the top of some absurdly wild amusement park ride. The feeling of my heart literally pounding out of my chest. My mind playing tricks on me. You get the idea, right?  Not to worry though.

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A Single Glance book cover

My Fiery Girl

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Love is in the air this Valentine’s week!!!!!! Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than a romance novel. You know, the paperback ones often found in grocery stores checkouts or on your Kindle for $2.99. Through the years, so many of us have plowed through these romantic delights often referred to as smutty or trashy romance novels. Call them what you will, but know that these books make up a billion-dollar industry.

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