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The Love Proof by Madeleine Henry (Atria Books)

“The least understood, most important thing in the world is love?”

February 8, 2021

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

What do you think of soul mates?  I presume that many may think that because of your multiple marriages that perhaps you never had one.  I would like to believe that based on your writing, you did in fact experience heartfelt connections, and at the end of the day, loved the people in your life with passion and zest.  Speaking of passion and zest though, I just finished reading the most unique love story that weaved together science, human connection and the power of time.  Madeleine Henry’s latest book, The Love Proof struck a tender chord in my heart that continues to vibrate.  This five star read is the most intellectual romance I have ever come across and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

“Her name, of course, was Sophie Jones-”The next Einstein,” according to the New York Times’s profile.  In that piece, the three most decorated mathematicians in the world had predicted she would be the one to answer humanity’s legendary questions about space and time within the decade-the most profound, undefeated ones about what reality is, with transformative implications for mankind.”

All eyes are on Sophie Jones, a physics prodigy starting her first year at Yale University.  As she continues on her journey to solve the universe’s most intricate problems, she meets Jake Kristopher, a fellow freshman at Yale.  The connection between the two is instant.  As Sophie tries to focus on her work and proving her theories on time, she becomes consumed with their love and most intimate feelings and how they fit into the concept of time as a whole.  

“They were in a world of their own where time passed at a different rate, maybe not at all.  Sophie was peace, magic, stillness.  Even cramped on a hammock, he felt like they fit perfectly together, as if they were two parts of the same person.  He kissed her forehead.”

There is an intimacy to Sophie and Jake’s love that teeters between innocence and extraordinary.  In the beginning, they move through their days at Yale as one..bodies, souls and minds intertwined. As time passes though, Jake’s work life becomes grueling and intense, while Sophie chooses to follow her heart instead of proving theories on time.  When an unexpected change occurs in reality, Sophie immerses herself into her research that she had once relinquished in order to experience her relationship and love without interruptions.  Sophie continues to leave her mark in the world of physics as the decades go on.  But as the years continue to pass, is she really losing time?  Will she prove her greatest theory on love?   

“When you’re balanced, people look down on you.  You get judged when you care about relationships as much as work.  Nobody says that, but you can tell.  It’s not something that people here really respect.”

The Love Proof was an all consuming, wondrous read for me.   My senses came alive as my heart ached, my eyes watered and my mind wandered in the most sublime way.   I am as far from a science geek as they come and I was still drawn in by Henry’s magical writing.   How real love can impact or even change our perception of time is such a tremendous and groovy premise in my opinion.  What I found so appealing about Henry’s writing is how she had me constantly thinking about her main characters and their life choices.  In an attempt to satisfy my own curiosity, I detected myself playing out different scenarios in my head for both Sophie and Jake and longed to chat with my fellow book lovers about my overflowing thoughts and emotions.  Henry undoubtedly explored being trapped inside your mind verses being trapped inside your heart. Can there be balance between two worlds so vastly different from one another?  If you are anything like me, Sophie and Jake’s story will remain with you long after you finish, maybe even leaving you with more questions than answers.  

I urge you to grab a copy of this brilliant read and let yourself escape into our universe filled with love.  The Love Proof is a treasure that officially has a permanent place on my bookshelf.  

Enjoy my sweet friend!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  The Love Proof comes out Tuesday, February 9, 2021.  Be sure to grab a copy by clicking on the book pic below.  Also, be sure to check out what I had to say about Madeleine Henry’s previous book, Breathe In, Cash Out, RIGHT HERE!

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