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dear mr. hemingway’s 2020 holiday books & pairings 

Holly Jolly Hemingway

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The Nick Adams Stories by Ernest Hemingway (Scribner)

Short stories are the way to go these days. If you want to experience Hemingway a little bit at a time…this book is a great place to start. Though Nick Adams is a fictional character, you will discover oh so many similarities to the big guy.  Gorgeous prose and words to savor…this one needs a place on your bookshelf.

From the publisher: “The complete collection of Ernest Hemingway’s Nick Adams two dozen stories are gathered here in one volume, grouped together according to the major time periods in the protagonist’s life. Based on Hemingway’s own experiences as a boy and as a member of the Red Cross ambulance corps in World War I. The collection follows Nick’s life as a child to parent, along with soldier, veteran, and writer and feature some of Hemingway’s earliest work such as “Indian Camp” and some of his best known short stories, including “Big Two-Hearted River.” Perfect for longtime Hemingway fans and as an introduction to one of America’s most famous writers.”

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Dear Mr. Hemingway’s 2020 Holiday Books & Pairings

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