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Guest Writers~Foodie Edition

April 2020

March 30, 2020

Dear Book Lovers,

I am so excited to announce the second Guest Writer Series to You. THE FOODIE EDITION! That’s right…all things delicious are coming your way this April. I am hands down a book enthusiast. But guess what, I am also obsessed with all things food-related too.  If you are anything like me, in addition to all of those Pulitzer Prize-winning novels, COOKBOOKS line your perfectly sculpted bookshelves as well.  Spring is here (almost here for some of us) and its time to freshen up our cookbooks and resources for new and inspiring recipes. By Guest Writers for this series is no joke. They are cookbook authors, writers, business owners, food bloggers, and much more. They will be writing to Mr. Hemingway each week talking about their love of food and their favorite/go to COOKBOOK! Baking, chocolate, vegan, paleo, whole foods, desserts, farm to table…this series has got you covered. It is time to make room on your bookshelves…Cookbooks are on the menu!

Talk soon, Everyone!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S. What is YOUR favorite cookbook???

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