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DEAR FRIDAY~10/21/22

October 21, 2022

Dear Gorgeous Book Family,

Happy Friday! Are the weeks going by SUPER FAST, or is it just me? Lots going on this week, including a bunch more personal development, a new book to get excited for, a milestone birthday, and a DELICIOUS new recipe that everyone LOVED! I, of course, have a few things to say about my current love affair with TV and my relationship with my headphones. So much to share on this beautiful Friday! I wish you all the most incredible weekend ever!




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I am so excited to put a thrilling new tale on your radar. Before You Knew My Name by Jacqueline Bublitz from ATRIA BOOKS comes out November 1, 2022. I am not only reading this as we speak but also kind of liking it. I hope to finish it in the next day or two, so hold tight for more detailed thoughts from me. In the meantime, check out the synopsis and give it a pre-order if it sounds good.

“When she arrived in New York on her eighteenth birthday carrying nothing but $600 cash and a stolen camera, Alice Lee was looking for a fresh start. Just one month later, she is the city’s latest Jane Doe. She may be dead, but that doesn’t mean her story is over. Meanwhile, Ruby Jones is also trying to reinvent herself. After traveling halfway around the world, she’s lonelier than ever in the Big Apple. She stumbles upon a woman’s body by the Hudson River and suddenly finds herself unbreakably tied to the unknown dead woman. Alice is sure Ruby is the key to solving the mystery of her short life and tragic death. Ruby just wants to forget what she saw…but she can’t stop thinking about the young woman she found. If she keeps looking, can she give this unidentified Jane Doe the ending and closure she deserves?”


Does it ever feel like you are wearing your AirPods even when they are nestled in their case and not your ears? This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I think it’s a sign that I use them too much 🤦🏼‍♀️. What else will I do while I fold one, two, or ten loads of laundry? Listen to my thoughts. I’ll take a pass. So here is the deal. I adore Nina Badzin’s PODCAST on FRIENDSHIP. Episodes range from 15-30 minutes and tackle ALL THINGS FRIENDS. Nina covers EVERYTHING, including making new friends when you are older, setting boundaries, loneliness, text chains, feeling excluded, forgiveness, social media and friends, and SO MUCH MORE! And, if you have kids…she has you covered. Nina and her guests chat about all the ways to navigate your kids’ ever-changing and evolving friendships. The great thing about this PODCAST is that it includes relatable topics and scenarios for ALL ages, so there is something for everyone. I can not recommend this PODCAST enough. CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE!


Have I mentioned lately that I am a Handmaid’s Tale junkie? I am, and I’m not even a little mad about it. I should probably dedicate an entire post about this because I have so much to say about Gilead’s twisted and horrific land. I will share that I read the original book and thought it was okay. The book, to me, was sparse…a sterile version of characters and a world I wanted more of. However, Atwood’s second book, The Testaments, was phenomenal. The HULU television version brought the characters to life and gave me the incredible visuals I desperately needed. I am currently up to date on season five and like where it’s going. My only complaint from the past two seasons is the pacing of the episodes. They are SLOWER THAN MOLASSES…and I am not exaggerating one bit. The producers must pick up the pace, or they will lose viewers.


If you are wondering what you will feed the living things in your home for dinner tonight, I’m your girl. You will feed them 20 MINUTE KOREAN BEEF SESAME NOODLES, and everyone will love this yummy concoction and you forever and ever. This was relatively quick and easy to make, though it did take me about 40 minutes and not the 20 minutes I was hoping for. Still a win for me! It re-heats like a champ and tastes even better the next day. I not only doubled this recipe but took the extra sauce and added it to a whole other batch of rice noodles for more goodness. YOU’RE WELCOME!


Still no songs from me friends. I’ll leave that to Taylor Swift. The wonderful writing world flows with so much significant information for us parents. As a mom to three teen boys, I am constantly trying to figure out what is going on, am I doing this parenting gig right, and is everyone going to be ok. I recently read an excellent piece in GROWN & FLOWN that I believe so many parents will appreciate. It’s titled, This Is Why You Should Let Teens Have Lots of Down Time by Katie BinghamSmith, and I loved it. Be sure to check it out.


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There is something to be said about personal development. I use to turn my nose up to self-help books or anything that required me to look deeply into my life. I don’t know what has changed (probably my age), but I am starting to dig exploring ALL THE THINGS that impact my existence. As you know, I have been chatting about clearing the decks in my house…AKA, throwing shit away if it’s not nailed down. I am slowly chipping away at every drawer, every closet, every room, and beyond, not only to free up physical space but also mental space. Let me just say that Gretchen Rubin’s book Outer Order~Inner Calm just came into my life, and I am obsessed. I am not even kidding you that I believe with all my heart and soul that Gretchen wrote this book FOR ME 😂. Not only did I devour this like a hungry wolf, but it has nudged me to look at more than just my “stuff” when decluttering. I refuse to have my outer environment (this includes digital stuff) take up unnecessary space in my noggin. I am on my way to “Inner Calm,” and I CAN’T WAIT. For the love of God…make this book happen!


All the emotions this week. All the emotions. My last baby turned 13, and I am officially a mom to three teenage boys. Please pray for my soul, my toilets, and my grocery bills. 😂. I’ll be honest; this parenting thing is wild. My heart is bursting watching my baby boy soar into teenagehood with all the excitement in the world. It also is a HUGE reminder that time is a thief, and I am not a fan. I desperately need things to slow down. I am now that mom that says to the diaper changing sleep deprived parents…”Enjoy every minute; they will be teenagers in a blink of an eye.” So, for now, I will relish this crazy mom-ride, make the boxed cupcakes with a canister of thick white frosting, and sink ginormous candy store lollipops into my semi-homemade creation with all the love in my heart.

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  1. Oh my gosh thank you so much!! That’s such a generous review of my podcast. And a great description! I’m really honored you’re enjoying it. I love creating each episode.

    I’m a Handmaid’s junkie too! I’m all caught up and OMG.


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