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My Sweet Tequila Sunrise

Home is Where You Are by Melissa Grace

“Rain taps on the window, and baby, I don’t want to go.  I’d been living my life a lost boy, but in your arms, I’m home.”

February 11, 2021

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Love is in the air…can you feel it?  Just a few days away is Valentine’s Day, also my wedding anniversary ❤️❤️❤️.  Chocolate dipped strawberries🍓, Champagne🍾, and conversational hearts💗 will definitely put you in the mood to spend time with the one you love this Holiday.  But, if you are anything like me, a sweet romance novel filled with love is an essential part of my heart filled day.  Because of this, I am sharing the most charming book to set the tone for a feel good, make you feel giddy with love weekend. Melissa Grace’s magical debut novel, Home is Where You Are encompasses all things fabulous. The Nashville music scene, a bakery (oh how I love a story with a bakery in it) and a couple to root for will have you smiling from ear to ear this Valentine’s Day.  Even better, if you have the KINDLE app or an actual KINDLE, you can download this beauty immediately for less than the cost of a latte!  Can you say WIN? Let’s take a peek at your next read!

“Now that I knew what it felt like to hold her in my arms, I never wanted to stop.  My lips ached to touch hers.”  

After Olivia Sinclair’s (Liv) husband leaves her, dreams of having a vibrant music career fade away.  Newly divorced and in her late thirties, Liv manages to find happiness running her successful bakery and hanging with her close friends and her beloved cat.  One evening, Liv’s best friend Ella insists she goes with her to see Midnight in Dallas in concert and attend the backstage event they had special tickets for.  Liv reluctantly goes and is pleasantly surprised when she meets Jaxon (Jax) Slade, the twenty-something year old lead singer of the band.  Sparks FLY between Liv and this much younger man and before they know it, a close friendship develops with a side of potential fireworks.   As their relationship deepens, we learn more about their pasts and what they both truly need to feel fulfilled in life.  While Liv tussles with the scars from her past marriage and the age difference between her and her new man, Jax has his own baggage to sort through, while at the same time falling deeper in love with Liv.   Can these two love birds find peace and happiness from within and with each other?

So here is the scoop.  Home is Where You Are is a simple tale seasoned with the perfect amount of drama and finesse.  I was invested in this story right out of the gate.  Grace’s writing had me up late at night reading because I just had to know where Liv and Jax’s relationship was going.  I really appreciated how Grace gently hit on a few sensitive topics such as grief, loss, drugs and fertility, while at the same time delivering a swoon worthy romance that also offered a dash of comedic relief.  One question I often get when recommending a romance read is… how “steamy” is the writing?  Grace offers her readers heartfelt conversations and intimate glances sealed with a tender kiss or two.  For good measure she may have thrown in some washboard abs, but I am digressing!  Even with the “bedroom door closed”, the passion is very much alive between the pages of this book. 

“Before I could finish my sentence, he ripped his shirt over his head, and I stood face to face with a very gorgeous, very shirtless, Jax.  His chest was smooth, a perfect crease leading down his center, dividing an impressive six pack that narrowed in a V at the waistline of his jeans.  His entire body glistened, damp with the rain that soaked through his shirt.”

With baking, songwriting and a crew of characters I would love to have dinner with,  Home is Where You Are will fill your Valentine’s Day Weekend with love, joy and smiles.  Enjoy!

Much love to you my friend!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  If you adore this book as much as I do, rumor has it… the author is working on a sequel 🤫🤫🤫!!!!!

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Twisted Sister

Alex Six by Vince Taplin

“Some people describe a heavy silence as loud, which is bullocks because real silence is so quiet you can hear your heartbeat in your eardrums.”

January 31, 2021

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

As I have mentioned to you in my previous letters, we are STILL in the middle of global pandemic (sorry to keep bringing this up). As you know my friend, my attention span has been on the fritz lately.  However, instead of letting my reading life take a hit, I have upped my thriller game this month.  These days I am REALLY enjoying fast paced books that I can simply just read, enjoy and not overthink.  Alex Six by Vince Taplin was the perfect evening treat for me.  This sexy psychological thriller chilled and excited me in all the right ways.  I devoured this book in under 24 hours and my guess is…you will too.  Let’s take a peek.

“She slumped back in her chair, holding her neck with a goofy, surprised expression.  You should have known I’d bark back, bitch.  Her eyes turned off, leaving her with a final, dim, expressionless gaze.  She looked pretty.” 

Alexa (Alex) lost her husband before they had a chance to have children.  Now that her equally wealthy and powerful husband is gone, she is longing for a baby.  In comes Victor.  Victor is happily married with a young child, a rental property manager and basically…your average Joe.  Somehow, Alex lays eyes on Victor and discovers that he is a spitting image of her late husband.  Can you say Doppelganger?   Alex approaches him and offers a large sum of money to be her sperm donor.  She may have lost her husband, but she could still have a child that resembles him (ummmm, creepy).  Victor struggles with his decision, but in the end decides that this is quick cash that he could really use.   Because there will be no physical interaction with Alex, telling his wife doesn’t seem necessary, especially since she is struggling with her mental health after the birth of their child.  Well let me just tell you this…things do not go smoothly for Alex.  As she continues to up the ante for Victor, she becomes obsessive over the situation, and in all honesty…quite horrifying .  With Victor’s wife continuing to deteriorate and the exchange between him and Alex increasing in intensity, things start to spiral.  And that my friend is where I must leave you.  I would hate to spoil your own reading experience.

I am happy to share that if you are in the market for a fast psychological thriller…look no further.  Alex Six was absolute BANANAS and I loved every minute of it.   A powerful woman and a man with questionable morals always makes for a good tale.  But Taplin does better than that.  He manages to add in a psychotic stalker, a few cringe worthy scenes and a whole lot of crazy to keep the pages turning faster than lightning. The slightly unpolished sarcasm and dialogue was literally the cherry on top!  Cheers to an entertaining book that kept me reading nonstop until the very end.  I may never look at a bottle of vanilla extract the same ever again, but I will definitely be grabbing Taplin’s next book!

Until next time my dear friend!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  Victor’s wife loved to bake cookies, and so do I.  Check out my all time favorite cookie recipe RIGHT HERE!!!

P.P.S.  Check out Vince Taplin RIGHT HERE!!!

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The Jury Has Spoken

Savage Row by Britney King

Savage Row by Britney King

December 3, 2020

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Can you believe that it is ALREADY December? Between work, inconsistent school schedules for the kids, holiday shopping and the pandemic we are STILL IN, finding time to read can be a real struggle.  There is nothing worse than starting a book and only being able to read a page or two each night before sleep robs you of your last quiet moments of the day.  Today my friend, I have a book that will make it impossible to fall asleep after just a few pages.  This book has built in momentum, pages that practically turn themselves and a riveting storyline with an ending to please.  Britney King’s latest psychological thriller, Savage Row, is out now!  It’s time for your bedtime story!

“I remembered how he had looked from the jury box, like a cornered animal.  Vicious, glowering, savage.  And powerful.  The way he’d scan the courtroom, challenging anyone who dared meet his eye.  The way he looked at people was unnerving, as though it would be his greatest privilege to snuff them out, to annihilate them.”

Many years ago, Amy Stone was a juror on Jack Mooney’s trial (an undomesticated criminal), putting him behind bars for a very long time.  At the end of the trial, Amy went on with life with her husband Greg, their two daughters and working as a realtor.  Life was normal (ok, somewhat normal) until one day Mooney showed up at one of Amy’s house showings.  Mooney was released from jail after a decade of prison life and is seeking revenge on Amy for being one of the people in favor of his imprisonment.  After they reunite briefly, Mooney begins stalking Amy and her family.  Because he wasn’t doing anything obvious, the police were of no assistance.   As the stalkings increased and became more dangerous to her family, Amy and her husband took matters into their own hands to keep their family safe and get rid of Mooney once and for all.  Things get more complicated than they realize and unpleasant things begin to happen. Will they be able to keep their family safe and get rid of Mooney once and for all?  This my friend, is probably every juror’s worst nightmare…am I right?

So here is the scoop.  Savage Row is the ultimate page turning psychological thriller.  Your nights of falling asleep while reading end here. King is the queen of putting the pedal to the medal and hooking her readers in from the start. Her characters once again are complex and made me question everything about them (can you say trust issues?).  There was a touch of something devilish in each and every one of them that added to the suspense of the story.  King served me a plethora of twists, turns and mind messing characters all on a gorgeous silver platter.   I will say that I found Savage Row to be less graphic than some of her previous books.  This did not compromise the story one bit and is merely a side note for those who have read some of her previous work.  At the end of the day though, I am an ending girl. Guess what?????  King nailed it.

Happy Reading!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  Be sure to check out Britney King and all of her work by clicking here.

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Buzz Go The Murder Hornets

The Book Doctor Beauty Shot

The Book Doctor by Britney King

June 19, 2019

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

As much as I love your writing and getting lost in your words, I sometimes crave a thrill that you simply can’t deliver (no offense). The breathless feeling from dangling off the top of some absurdly wild amusement park ride. The feeling of my heart literally pounding out of my chest.  My mind playing tricks on me.  You get the idea, right?  Not to worry though.  While you are my go-to for simpler prose and a straightforward story, Britney King is my go-to for evocative writing and suspenseful storylines.  Her latest book, The Book Doctor, is a menacing read filled with unsettling vibes (not for the faint of heart) that supplied me with a book rush I so needed. The best part is, I enjoyed it from the comfort of my Adirondack chair.  Let’s get to it.

“Stories are everywhere just waiting to be found.  And finally, living is making peace with the fact that you are very likely going to be the villain in someone else’s story, even if you believed you were doing the right things.”

With so many psychological thrillers, a clear and concise synopsis is often hard to do without compromising the story.  I will share with you the basics, but please know…The Book Doctor encompasses depth and layers that go beyond the scope of any summary.  George, once a famous writer, is trying to make the ultimate comeback with one more book.  His publisher sends over a young gentleman apprentice named Liam to help him with his writing.  George is on to him immediately.  There is something more to this young, good looking and ambitious man than just helping out with some storylines.  Is it possible that he is actually committing disturbing crimes all for the sake of good writing?  With mainstream success lingering in the background, can George ignore his instincts in order to finish a soon to be best seller?   

Buckle up…King’s new book is a dark and creepy ride with twists and turns every step of the way.  I was mesmerized by her unrestrained plot, graphic imagery and warped characters. Full disclosure…King’s book has vivid scenes of death and murder.  She showcases deranged thoughts that will give even the squeamish-free reader the chills.  Fans of the hit show Dexter, will be in heaven with this book.   If you are looking for a distraction, King’s book will fulfill your wish.  The only thing you will need to worry about when reading The Book Doctor, is how fast you can turn the page.  One thing is for sure…..this mind gripping tale was the perfect binge worthy read.  Pair this psychological thriller with a glass of something fabulous, and you’ll have one hell of a night!  

Until next time my dear friend!

Your Biggest Fan


P.S. Thank you to the lovely Britney King for sharing with me her new book to read in exchange for my honest opinion. What can I say…I am a huge fan.

Be sure to check out her WEBSITE for all of her books, blog and future works.

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My Fiery Girl

A Single Glance book cover

A Single Glance by W. Winters

February 11, 2019

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Love is in the air this Valentine’s week!!!!!! Nothing screams Valentine’s Day more than a romance novel. You know, the paperback ones often found in grocery stores checkouts or on your Kindle for $2.99. Through the years, so many of us have plowed through these romantic delights often referred to as smutty or trashy romance novels. Call them what you will, but know that these books make up a billion-dollar industry. I have an eclectic taste in reading. With the exception of a few topics that I find unsettling, I am game for reading anything. From time to time, I like to add a little spice to my reading life and I throw in a provocative romance novel. Today I am going to share with you A Single Glance by USA Today bestselling author, W. Winters. It has it all. A hot and dangerous man, a gorgeous and troubled girl, a mystery to be solved, and a romance that is literally on fire. Here we go!

A Single Glance follows Bethany Fawn, a single nurse who is grieving the recent murder of her sister. Distraught over her sister’s drug use and sudden death, Bethany begins to investigate her death. That is when she meets Jase Cross, owner of the Red Room Club. Jase discovers that Bethany’s sister left behind a three hundred thousand dollar debt to some dangerous people. Jase decides it’s in everyone’s best interest to pay this debt for Bethany under the condition that she agrees to his terms in a written contract. After the contract is signed, Bethany and Jase begin their sultry adventure together.

So now that you have the basics, let me start by saying that Jase Cross is the ultimate “bad boy”. Powerful, demanding, strong and extremely easy on the eyes (I mean, did you see the cover of the book?). Bethany is beautiful and strong in her own right. She may come off initially as scared and innocent, but trust me…..she has her own agenda with Jase. The contract between them involves the exchange of information that is helpful to both of them. It also involves some bedroom behavior that is unrestrained and explosive. Whips and chains are a thing of the past. Knives, fire (I actually learned a few things reading this) and slow sexual torture seems to be the winning combination in this modern day erotic story. Jase and Bethany’s relationship doesn’t play out like an old school Danielle Steel novel. It is fueled by sexually arousing and explicit behavior that will have you shifting in your seat. Winters is uninhibited when writing these scenes. She gives it to you, and gives it to you straight. What I really enjoyed most of all is that in addition to all the romping around, there is a mystery to be solved. Though Jase and Bethany’s relationship is based on using one another, there is a glimmer of hope that they could actually fall in love.

I had a blast reading A Single Glance by W. Winters. Her writing is risque and bold. Her language is colorful and doesn’t skimp on any of the juicy details. You will discover early on that Jase and Bethany are quite the lovable characters. You will be yearning for them long after you finish the last page. Books are not one size fits all. If extreme sexual scenarios are triggers for you, by all means put this book aside. However, if you are game, expand your reading boundaries. Instead of overthinking, have a little fun and give this bad boy a go. Whether you are 27 or 96 years old, there is something thrilling for everyone in this book. Forget about curling up under a blanket by the fire while reading this. This story is way too hot for those comforts. Instead, turn up the A.C., pour yourself a glass of something fabulous and enjoy your time with Bethany and Jase.

Happy Steamy Reading! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this week! Until next time Mr. H.

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S. There is going to be a sequel to this book. If you are dying to know what happens next, be sure to be on the lookout for A Single Kiss……..April 2019. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

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