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Loving My Messy Couch: Picture Perfect is Just an Illusion (Grown & Flown)

October 6, 2022

Dear Reading Family,

I am THRILLED that my latest piece was published on GROWN & FLOWN. If you are a parent and haven’t visited their site…HOP TO IT. It is an absolute wonderland of information, essays, stories, and then some about parenting teens and young adults! It is an incredible resource and pretty much covers EVERYTHING! 

My piece is a love letter to all the messy couches and moms who stress over keeping them tidy. Instead of focusing on catalog-worthy couches with gorgeous faux fur blankets and pillows strewn about, let’s pivot our mindset and appreciate the memories that are being made on this central piece of furniture and all the respite it provides us from our fast-paced world and over-scheduled lives.

Be sure to read it RIGHT HERE!



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