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Guest Writer ~ Anna Crowley Redding

Author Edition


Guest Writer, Author Anna Crowley Redding

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Happy Wednesday Book Friends! Not only are we halfway to the weekend, but it is Dear Mr. Hemingway Guest Writer day. Today, Author Anna Crowley Redding is on the blog and her letter to Mr. H. is quite magical. In case you didn’t know, Anna is the author of the YA book, Google It: A History in Google (Feiwel & Friends) and YA book, Elon Musk: A Mission to Save The World (Feiwel & Friends), which was named BEST STEM BOOK by the National Science Teacher Association for 2020. Her upcoming children’s book, Rescuing The Declaration of Independence (Harper Collins) has already received a glowing Kirkus Review. Before Anna began writing for children, she was an Emmy-Award winning (Yes, I said EMMY-AWARD 😯) investigative television reporter, anchor and journalist. Not only has she been recognized by the Associated Press for her reporting, but she was the recipient of multiple Edward R. Murrow awards. Impressive, right?

Though Anna loves her job as a children’s book author, her most beloved job in the whole world is being a mama to her two young boys and following in Jessica Fletcher’s footsteps (ie: Murder She Wrote) in her coastal Maine town. Only Anna has a lovely boyfriend us “marrieds” love to hear about (😂😂😂).

I know that you are going to enjoy getting to know Anna. And when it comes to her books, the proof is in the pudding!! I hope you adore Anna’s letter to Mr. H. I want to thank Anna from the bottom of my heart for contributing to this series. I am truly blessed to have her in my life (ummmm……forgot to mention that she is one of my close friends ❤️❤️).

Lots of Love,


For more information, take a peek at her website!

P.S. Check out Anna accepting her Emmy-Award.

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Write one true thing. That’s what you said. That’s how you said to start. And so if I’m being honest, I suffered through your books in junior high and high school. I craved independence and regularly slipped the ties to classics, to what was expected. It wasn’t until years and some trouble later, that I found myself living in Florence, Italy. Completely and absolutely in love with a place, a time, and all the magic it could hold.

And I would recount my tales to my stepdad on regular phone calls. And all of these conversations reminded him of something you’d written, during your own time in Europe, your own self-discovery in Paris and nearby, snowy mountains. It reminded him of your book, A Moveable Feast.  When I opened the cover of my copy, I found your truth and mine. And just as you, through your words, your writing, your thoughts, your presence in a Parisian cafe, just as you decided that you owned Paris and everything in it… well, in the same way, I owned Italy and everything in it. I owned every morsel of food, every sip of dark, creamy cappuccino, every rolled ‘’r’, even a kiss or two in the pouring rain in Piazza Signoria. Those tendrils, a deep love with a place and time, grew and wrapped themselves around my writing like a present, forever entwined.

And today… that moveable feast does not include a view of the Arno or a stroll across Ponte Vecchio. It’s more carpools, deadlines, little league sidelines, wild laughter with friends when we find time to sneak away from our responsibilities, and there was that kiss by the lighthouse hidden only by a blanket of fog! Things are more grown-up now (mostly) but all of it is still delicious–to be savored, and anchored with words.

It’s knowing that you are starring in your own story. It’s writing it down. It’s absorbing every bit of information about this world and your ever so slight, blink-and-it’s-gone life that you can muster. And it’s reading, reading to gather that moveable feast close. No, I cannot visit Gertrude Stein’s apartment as you did or hang out with James Joyce. But when I pick up a book…that’s how I gather a couple of female WWI spies around me. As the flames flicker behind me, they divulge every secret. It’s the sound of me saying “Yes, Girl, Yes!” As Bernadette descended into mid-life invisibility only to reinvent herself. It’s how I know the truth of fear, bravery, love, failure, loss, success, and boredom. Because these truths, whether written, lived, or read allow us to conduct our own moveable feast filled with just the perfect tales, toasts, and company for an afternoon by the fire.

Write one true thing.

I’ve got you, Mr. Hemingway. I’ve got you.


P.S. If you’d like to check out the tales of other risk-takers, and rule breakers, I’ve got two books out and more on the way.

Google It: A History of Google (Honestly, Mr. H. there is some lock picking, some almost naming the company Backrub, and other hijinks) and Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World (You’ll relate to Elon’s unshakeable curiosity and drive) and then coming this April, a forgotten tale of a man who saved the words that built America. I’m talking about The Declaration of Independence, the original Constitution, and more. And then there’s the one about the man who fought to keep tomatoes out of his clam chowder! Chowder Rules! is hitting bookstores in October 2020.

The Falcon Has Landed

A Misson to Save the world cover

Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World by Anna Crowley Redding

July 1, 2019

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

As you already know, I am a mom to three boys (13, 11, and 9). Like many kids, they typically ride the bus to and from school every day. Taking the bus decreases school morning traffic, is better for the environment, and is overall a more efficient way to get to school.  During the last few weeks of the school year (who am I kidding…the last few months) we have embraced some extra sleep time and a more relaxed morning and opted to drive to school (FYI…bad habit to fall into). Every morning as we pulled into the middle school parking lot my son would shout…“Did you see that Tesla car mom? That is so cool. It goes on a charger at night like a phone. I think you need to be a millionaire to drive that.”  I’ll admit, in my pre-coffee morning haze, I found myself shouting back, “where, which one, what color?” Once I saw the sleek and stylish Tesla vehicle exiting our school parking lot, I proceeded to ask, “Do you know who came up with that particular car?”  Radio silence. “Well, guess what, Anna Crowley Redding ( AKA…….our friend/neighbor) just wrote a book about the man behind Tesla and it was written just for you and your friends.”

Elon Musk:  A Mission to Save the World is Anna Crowley Redding’s new Young Adult biography perfect for your 13 year old and up.  Her book introduces you to Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Tesla cars and many other groundbreaking companies.  Not only is her book fresh and relative for today’s teens, it inspires readers to think outside their comfort zone, become forward thinkers and dream the impossible dream (they sometimes really do come true).

Elon Musk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.  I will admit, other than Tesla electric cars, a few rocket ships, a messy love life and controversial tweets on Twitter, I personally did not know that much about this multi-billionaire.  Tesla, PayPal, and SpaceX are just a few of his accomplishments. Did you also know that this gentleman developed reusable rockets and is determined to colonize Mars sooner than later? What makes Crowley Redding’s book so accessible to teens is that she takes them back to Musk’s humble beginnings to see how this global genius came to be.  Launching rockets in his backyard and being bullied at school, Musk had a childhood that many were unaware of and many can actually relate to. He was a dreamer and problem solver from day one. His goal to save our planet and make our world a more efficient place to live still rings true today. Crowley Redding offers her readers a VIP pass into the powerful and intellectual world of Elon Musk from his childhood through present day.

What I love about Anna Crowley Redding’s new book is that it draws readers in from the beginning.  She hooks you from the start with superhero references, video games and inspiring classic novels (can you say, The Lord of the Rings and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?).  She writes about Musk in a way that makes him seem everyday and relatable.  Her book depicts a man that was and still is always thinking and planning 10 steps ahead of everyone else.  His ideas for reusable energy, maximizing resources, space travel and changing public transportation continue to flourish each day.  She thoughtfully introduces her readers to Musk’s family and important people in his life that helped shape him into who he is today. Her style of writing is perfect for teens with caption boxes included throughout her book labeled, “Lingo Alert”, “Road Trip Alert” and “Fun Fact”.  These boxes beautifully highlight places, unfamiliar jargon and important facts for readers to easily access throughout their reading journey. Along with her wonderful writing, Crowley Redding brings to life Musk’s story with plenty of real life photos and social media pics of the people and places in her book.  With her easy to digest writing and photos to match, teens will gobble this book up in no time flat. I look forward to seeing this book in our middle schools, high schools and on bookshelves around the world. Though Crowley Redding’s book was written with teens in mind, it is a stimulating read for us older folks as well ( mind you……I’m not really that old).

Happy Reading everyone!

Until next time Mr. H.

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  Mr. Musk………..if you are reading this, my boys are requesting a Tesla MINIVAN.  I must say………this would be extremely beneficial to us mini-van moms and dads!  I am very happy to share my professional mom input with you for the ultimate family ride.   Can you also make this a lease-option?????????? Just saying!!!!

To purchase Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World by Anna Crowley Redding click here.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Backrub?

Google It book cover

Google It: A History In Google By Anna Crowley Redding

November 13, 2018

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

Who doesn’t love a good backrub? I know it seems odd that I am opening up my letter today talking about something other than books and literary things. Stay with me though, I can explain. I am sure you have heard of the multi-billion dollar company, Google. But did you know that its original name was “Backrub” (no joke)? Well, I sure didn’t. If you are even slightly curious about this piece of Google history, then I urge you to check out Anna Crowley Redding’s hot new YA book, Google It: A History of Google. From Google’s modest beginning run out of a friend’s garage, to its current home in a three million square foot office complex on 68 acres of land, Crowley Redding takes her readers on a behind the scene adventure on how Google really came to be.

While reading Google It, readers will quickly discover that Google started off as a thesis project for Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  Crowley Redding dives right in by sharing how Page and Brin’s first computer server storage rack was built out of second hand “lego type” building blocks.  She continues with how Jennifer Lopez’s infamous dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards was responsible for the creation of Google Images, how the events of September 11th prompted the development of Google News, and how automatic spell corrections during Google Search came about from the constant misspelling of Britney Spears’ name.  This and so much more can be found between the covers of this incredible book.

The structure of Crowley Redding’s book is superb.  She provides excellent sidebars that offer a plethora of fun tidbits for readers to enjoy. Crowley Redding introduces Page and Brin’s story in perfect chronological order starting from their individual childhoods to the future of Google.  Her writing style is accessible and easy to digest for young adult and adult readers alike.

We are living in an age where technology is a part of our everyday lives.  The days of looking up information in books and encyclopedias are long gone.  It is so easy to take for granted how fast we can access information of any kind with a click of a mouse and how our cars practically drive themselves on autopilot because of Google Maps.  Google It will no doubt highlight the advancements Google has made in the past 25+ years.  Most importantly though, Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s true story will show you how impossible ideas can turn into something completely possible, influential, and life-changing for all of mankind.  Their story of hard work and determination will inspire young ones to build the unimaginable with their plastic building blocks, code the next big video game and take us to places far far away.

Google It, by Anna Crowley Redding, is a book for now.  It is not only a book filled with mind-blowing information but a book filled with dreams and inspiration.  This story truly belongs on everyone’s bookshelf.

Read it, love it, share it, and for goodness sake…GOOGLE IT!!!!!


Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  Anna Crowley Redding is a former Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter.  Be on the lookout for her upcoming YA book, ELON MUSK:  A Mission To Save The World (July 2019), and her picture book titled Rescuing The Declaration of Independence: How We Almost Lost The Words That Built America, illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham (2020).  This author is one to watch. Feel free to GOOGLE Anna Crowley Redding’s name.  I’m sure you will find her at and @annacrowleyredding on FB and Instagram.

Click here to buy Google It: A History in Google By Anna Crowley Redding

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