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The Book Doctor by Britney King

June 19, 2019

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

As much as I love your writing and getting lost in your words, I sometimes crave a thrill that you simply can’t deliver (no offense). The breathless feeling from dangling off the top of some absurdly wild amusement park ride. The feeling of my heart literally pounding out of my chest.  My mind playing tricks on me.  You get the idea, right?  Not to worry though.  While you are my go-to for simpler prose and a straightforward story, Britney King is my go-to for evocative writing and suspenseful storylines.  Her latest book, The Book Doctor, is a menacing read filled with unsettling vibes (not for the faint of heart) that supplied me with a book rush I so needed. The best part is, I enjoyed it from the comfort of my Adirondack chair.  Let’s get to it.

“Stories are everywhere just waiting to be found.  And finally, living is making peace with the fact that you are very likely going to be the villain in someone else’s story, even if you believed you were doing the right things.”

With so many psychological thrillers, a clear and concise synopsis is often hard to do without compromising the story.  I will share with you the basics, but please know…The Book Doctor encompasses depth and layers that go beyond the scope of any summary.  George, once a famous writer, is trying to make the ultimate comeback with one more book.  His publisher sends over a young gentleman apprentice named Liam to help him with his writing.  George is on to him immediately.  There is something more to this young, good looking and ambitious man than just helping out with some storylines.  Is it possible that he is actually committing disturbing crimes all for the sake of good writing?  With mainstream success lingering in the background, can George ignore his instincts in order to finish a soon to be best seller?   

Buckle up…King’s new book is a dark and creepy ride with twists and turns every step of the way.  I was mesmerized by her unrestrained plot, graphic imagery and warped characters. Full disclosure…King’s book has vivid scenes of death and murder.  She showcases deranged thoughts that will give even the squeamish-free reader the chills.  Fans of the hit show Dexter, will be in heaven with this book.   If you are looking for a distraction, King’s book will fulfill your wish.  The only thing you will need to worry about when reading The Book Doctor, is how fast you can turn the page.  One thing is for sure…..this mind gripping tale was the perfect binge worthy read.  Pair this psychological thriller with a glass of something fabulous, and you’ll have one hell of a night!  

Until next time my dear friend!

Your Biggest Fan


P.S. Thank you to the lovely Britney King for sharing with me her new book to read in exchange for my honest opinion. What can I say…I am a huge fan.

Be sure to check out her WEBSITE for all of her books, blog and future works.

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