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Guest Writers ~ Indie Authors

March 2021

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~Please Contact Kelly~ 

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Dear Indie Authors, 

If you are reading this, then you have been PERSONALLY invited by me, to write a letter to Mr. Hemingway this March 2021.

The Dear Mr. Hemingway, LLC Mission is to connect the everyday reader with a wide range of incredible books and literary experiences. This is a positive space where recommendations showcase a book’s author, strengths and genre.  

Guest Writers~Indie Authors, is my gift to you. You will not only have the opportunity to share YOUR favorite book recommendation, but also YOUR personal books and projects with a fabulous new audience.  

This is your time to write to the famous Mr. H. about a book you are recommending everyone to read written by a fellow Indie Author. It can be an oldie but goodie, or something hot off the press.   

Get creative and have a little fun with the big guy! We are ready to hear what you have to say.

Here are the instructions:

*February 15, 2021~Email your headshot, short bio and book choice to

*Email your full letter one week before your scheduled date.

*Letters should be roughly between 500-1200 words. In the postscript of your letter, you can include any of your personal sites (blogs, instagram, etc.).

*Guest Writers~Indie Authors will run the entire month of March 2021.

PLEASE RSVP EITHER WAY to receive your scheduled date.

I am excited for this series and look forward to working with you. 

Your Biggest Fan,


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