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About Kelly

Kelly Fredericks sitting on her porch with flowers and books

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

My story is simple. My name is Kelly and I love my books.  I’m happily married to my husband of forever, Scott.  We live in a small coastal town in Maine with our three sons and beloved chickens.  I love, love, love my family and absolutely adore my friends.  Not a day goes by where I am not talking about something I have read or want to read. My reading gravitates towards the new, the old, the latest and the greatest. I read what I love and I love what I read. Books nourish my soul and I hope my feelings for reading are contagious! I look forward to writing to you often.

Your Biggest Fan, Kelly

P.S. “There is no friend as loyal as a book”.  ~ Ernest Hemingway

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Kelly Fredericks on her porch with a chicken

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