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A Mouth Watering Year

Southern Living 2021 Annual Recipes: An Entire Year of Recipes (Abrams Books)

December 20, 2021

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

It has been a year.  A rollercoaster of highs and lows graced our lives once again, but one thing remains true…my love of food and fabulous drinks.  I know you can relate to this.  Think raw oysters with a “faint metallic taste”, Rioja wine, crusty white bread, and a piping hot cup of coffee.  See what I mean! Despite EVERYTHING that has happened in 2021, Southern Living managed to deliver mouth watering recipes each month to celebrate the seasons of great food in their latest book, Southern Living 2021 Annual Recipes: An Entire Year of Recipes.  Cooking is one of those things that keeps me grounded no matter what is going on.  Whether I am happy, sad, stressed, or mad, food nourishes my soul and connects me to the people I love most. Southern Living’s recipe game is STRONG.  This annual wrap up of the season’s best of the best has earned a front row seat on my cookbook shelf.  Let’s take a peek.

I absolutely adore a cookbook that covers all twelve months of the year.  I can easily pick it up and flip to the month I am in and cook to my heart’s content. When I received Southern Living’s annual recipe roundup, I beelined straight to the December section.  Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies anyone?  I can assure you, they are absolutely delightful (especially with those white chocolate chips).  As I indulge in all the sweet and savory options December has to offer, I am pre-meditating my January healthy living goals with thoughts of Orange-Rosemary Roast Chicken and Spicy Spaghetti Squash With Shrimp. AND because the ground is already covered in snow here in Maine, I am of course dreaming of warm summer picnics on the beach feasting on Baked Caprese Chicken With Green Beans And Corn and Quida’s Chocolate Delight.  When I say there are recipes for everyone and everything in this book, I am not lying.  Climb aboard the Southern Living train my friend.  You will not be disappointed.

If you are looking for a last minute holiday gift for the foodie in your life, make this one happen!

Happy Cooking & Eating!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  If this cookbook interests you, be sure to check out Christmas With Southern Living 2021. I love this book too!

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