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dear mr. hemingway’s 2019 holiday books & pairings 

Tiny Tim & Wee Ones Grin

Tiny Wee Ones Grin photo

Home For Christmas by Jan Brett (G.P. Putnam’s Sons)

Another holiday delight from the well loved Jan Brett. Rollo the troll loves to play and get into mischief.   After his parents ask him to help out with some chores one too many times, he packs his knapsack and heads off on his own adventure.  He runs into all kinds of animals on his journey having fun with them along away.  As time moves along, he starts to miss the little things from home and worries if he will make it back in time for Christmas.  With gorgeous illustrations and a story about love and family, Home For Christmas is a wonderful holiday read.  

P.S.  Have your little one squeeze UNICORN PUTTY while you read them this gorgeous book.  Bonus……… this putty glows in the dark!!!

Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess  An Anna Dewdney Book (Viking)

Llama Llama is back with his Mama and this time he is learning how to clean up a big mess. From putting his books on the shelves to putting his toys in the toy box, Llama Llama learns the benefits to a clean and tidy space. With colorful pictures and rhyming on every page, little ones will want this read to them over and over again!  

P.S. Pair this book with this super cute kids CLEANING SET.  They will happily dust, mop and sweep along side of you for hours of fun.  Win Win!

You are my happy by Hoda Kotb pictures by Suzie Mason (Harper)

Snuggle up with your wee one with this perfect bedtime story. Hoda Kotb’s new book, You Are My Happy follows a Mama bear and her cub while she puts him to bed.  They talk about the little things that made them happy that day.  From splashing in the lake to secret play spots, reading this book is a fabulous way to wrap up any little ones’ day.

P.S. Pair this end of the day book with a soft and cuddly BELLY BEAR.  This bear is just waiting to be hugged.

If I Built A School by Chris Van Dusen (Penguin Random House)

Chris Van Husen is back with another “If I Built” book.  This time, it is called If I Built A School.  From building a sky diving wind tunnel for the gym, a robo-chef for the cafeteria, and a three-story high twisty slide for the playground, this book is every kid’s school dream come true.  The pictures make you want to climb into the pages and play!

P.S.  Well, if you can’t build your own school, why not BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT with this cool set.

Dog breath:  the horrible trouble with hally tosis by Dav pilkey (Scholastic, Inc.)

The Tosis Family loves their dog Hally.  Their big dilemma is that his breath smells so bad it is making everyone sick.  The Tosis children do everything they can to try and take his bad breath away.  Will all their big ideas work?  Will they have to give away their precious pet.  Kiddos will love this story and the animated pictures that go with it.  

P.S. A book about a pet dog pairs perfectly with this PUPPY GAME for your 4-7 year old.  Six stuffed puppies and 60 playing cards provides endless fun for the little people in your life. 

Dear Mr. Hemingway’s 2019 Holiday Books & Pairings

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