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dear mr. hemingway’s 2019 holiday books & pairings 

Rolling Pins & Seasonal Hymns

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hello, cookie dough : 110 doughlicious confections to eat, bake &share by Kristen Tomlan (Grand central Publishing)

OK…I will admit, I lick the batter in the bowl and enjoy a few spoonfuls of raw cookie dough from time to time.  I mean…..who doesn’t?  Well, my friends, there is now a cookbook dedicated to making safe and edible cookie dough.  I am talking no-bake and eat it from the bowl kind of recipes.  Cookie dough flavors in all shapes and sizes.… caramel apple harvest, cookie dough crepes, rose all day cookie dough, and much much more.  My dreams have come true.

From the publisher:  “Finally, you can eat cookie dough how you’ve always craved it: straight from the mixing bowl! In her rule-breaking first book, Kristen Tomlan, the Queen of Cookie Dough, spills her secrets about how to make cookie dough safe-to-eat and all of the best ways to enjoy it. Kristen is sharing 110 decadent recipes–a mix of fan favorites from her famous New York City confectionery and never-before-seen creations–each with an innovative twist.”

P.S.  Pair this sweet book with a cookie dough scooper for the perfect amount of dough.

The official  Downton Abbey cookbook by Annie Gray, gareth neame (foreword by) (Weldon Owen)

YASSSSSS!!!!!  I can’t even deal with how cool this cookbook is.  Fans of Downton Abbey must have this in their possession.  With recipes such as Buttery Madelines for afternoon tea, glossy photos, and quotes from the show, and recipes categorized into different occasions (how to host a Downton dinner)…this book is EVERYTHING.

From the publisher:  “The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook presents over 100 recipes that showcase the cookery and customs of the Crawley household—from upstairs dinner party centerpieces to downstairs puddings and pies—and bring an authentic slice of Downton Abbey to modern kitchens and Downton fans.”

P.S. What better to pair with this cookbook than Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea.  Perfection!!!

Whole30 Friends and family  by Melissa Hartwig Urban (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

I am no stranger to the Whole30 eating reset plan.  I have successfully completed a few of them and successfully not completed a few of them. My biggest hurdle during these 30 days remains the same…………eating during social gatherings.  Melissa has got us covered now with her new cookbook.  Recipes for every and any occasion are in this handy dandy resource.  From book clubs, to date night, to camping, Melissa has a recipe to make your social gathering a positive one.  Almond crusted onion rings (yummmm), tomato gazpacho shots (love it) and fruit with vanilla coconut cream (thank you) are just to name a few.  

From the Publisher:  “Since 2009, millions of people have changed their health, habits, and relationship with food with the Whole30. With four Whole30 cookbooks and thousands of free recipes, it’s never been easier to make Whole30 meals at home, but navigating social gatherings can feel daunting. You can honor your health commitments while enjoying time with family and friends, and this book shows you exactly how. The Whole30 Friends & Family is packed with recipes for all of life’s special moments, from birthdays to baby showers, barbecues to brunches. All of the recipes are Whole30 compliant, designed to mix and match to create the perfect menu whether you’re hosting or contributing a dish as a guest. And in true Whole30 style, the recipes are creative, colorful, and so flavorful that your guests will never miss the added sugar.”

P.S. Pair this healthy cookbook with a salad dressing shaker for all your homemade dressings and marinades.

The pioneer woman cooks:  the new frontier by Ree Drummond (William morrow

I will admit, I am a huge Ree fan.  Her Cooking show, cookbooks, ranch, and all of the Pioneer Woman accessories are absolutely my jam.  I am over the moon that this ranch girl has a new cookbook out.  Lasagna soup and cauliflower fried rice (hello…that is healthy) totally work for me.

From the publisher:  “The #1 New York Times bestselling author and Food Network favorite The Pioneer Woman cooks up exciting new favorites from her life on the ranch in this glorious full-color cookbook that showcases home cooking at its most delicious (and most fun!).”

P.S.  Pair this cookbook with a Pioneer Woman mini casserole dish for the win!  I truly love my Pioneer Woman dishes.   

the skinnytaste air fryer cookbook by gina Homolka (Clarkson Potter)

Air Fryers are ALL the rage this year.  The comfort of “fried food” without all the calories. From vegetables to meat, to sweets, air frying is the way to go for your next meal.  I am a big fan of Gina Homolka’s Skinnytaste cookbooks and website.  She delivers great recipes without all the guilt.  

From the Publisher:  “Gina Homolka is beloved for her incredible recipes that transform your favorite, comforting foods into healthy, low-cal dishes with tons of flavor. Now she brings her expertise to the game-changing air fryer appliance. Using high-powered, super-hot circulating air like a convection oven, air fryers crisp up your favorite “fried” foods with barely any oil needed. Cook times are shorter than traditional oven methods and the process requires little clean-up.”

P.S. Pair this cookbook with an actual mini air fryer…….brilliant

Dear Mr. Hemingway’s 2019 Holiday Books & Pairings

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