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Eat what you love book cover

Eat What You Love by Danielle Walker

January 1, 2019

Dear Mr. Hemingway,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! I am very much looking forward to all that comes in 2019. Let me first mention how the start of any new year symbolizes fresh starts and new beginnings. What better way to kick off this new year than talking about my new favorite cookbook that not only includes delicious and family-friendly recipes but also promotes clean and healthy eating. So many of us treat January 1st as the first day of the rest of our lives. Eat What you Love by Danielle Walker, is an incredible cookbook and resource to make all your healthy eating resolutions come true.

Eat What You Love is Walker’s fourth cookbook.  Not only is she a New York Times best-selling author, but her story of her health, food intolerances and triumph is inspirational to everyone (read her full story here). In short, Walker was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that led her down a path of dietary change.  Through trial and error, she discovered that grains, dairy, refined sugar and legumes were all aggravating her autoimmune disease, some more than others.  As she recreated favorite recipes to meet her dietary needs, she developed her website, Against All Grain and ultimately went on to be the “Ina Garten” of the Paleo world.  Not too shabby!

What I like most about Walker’s new cookbook is that it is accessible to anyone.  Yes, it includes recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo friendly, but it is not limited to one particular genre of eating.  Meat eaters, vegetarians, people with food allergies/intolerances and people who eat absolutely everything will enjoy her delectable creations. Her book includes a special glossary of frequently used ingredients used in her style of cooking, along with substitutes for common ingredients.  It also features sections on breakfast, pack lunches, dinner, soups and stews, sweet treats and more. Did I also mention that Eat What You Love is drop dead gorgeous to look at.  The photographs of the food and Walker with her family are a treat in themselves.  It is definitely one to leave out on the table for inspiration.

I have been cooking non-stop from this book since I received it as a birthday gift in December.  For the record, I cook one meal for my family of five. It is a take it or leave it type situation.  Trying new recipes and grain free cooking for a family with taste buds that are no strangers to refined sugar, white flour and dairy is a risky move on busy school nights and mornings where there is no room for error.  I am here to report that I am on a winning streak cooking these new recipes for the family. The French Dip sandwiches were a slam dunk (the neighborhood kids loved them as a leftover lunch as well). The White Wine Garlic and Spinach Mushroom dish was the perfect side dish for our Christmas dinner.  My youngest (9 years old) gobbled up the Chocolate Zucchini Muffins (so did I). I just polished off a AAGwich sandwich for lunch today while out and about. Lastly, The Honey Mustard Sheet Pan Salmon was to die for! Next up…….Crispy Nut Free waffles in my new waffle maker, Indian Butter Chicken, Creamy Broccoli Soup and Cowboy Cookies.  I hope you are inspired by this post to be more adventurous in your eating, try new recipes and check out Danielle Walker’s new cookbook!

Bon Appetit!

Your Biggest Fan,


P.S.  If you love the Classic Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies, then you will love Danielle Walker’s Real-Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I am not kidding………..they are AMAZING and my boys ate them. Win!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to link over to Danielle’s Website for the recipe.

Click here to purchase Eat What You Love by Danielle Walker

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